Fascinating Facts About Incense Stick In Chinese Prayers


Fascinating Facts About Incense Stick In Chinese Prayers

Incense has always been significant to the tradition of many religions. Burning incense is considered the most traditional way to remove all negative energies in a house and bring new positive vibes JinPaper Malaysia. Moreover, the incense practised in connection with temples is a basic form of sacrificial offering to a deity or god. 

The smell of incense purifies the air and resists mosquitoes and different insects so that not only the god is not disturbed by the insects; also, meditation can be exercised less disturbed, less troubled.

Sometimes incense sticks are also called joss sticks. The core of this incense is usually a bamboo stick; covered with incense material. After the lit, both substances will burn down.

When you burn incense this Lunar New Year, remember its 3,500-year-old  history - Culture

Chinese Praying Culture

In Chinese culture, they light joss sticks in temples as a ritual for praying to take blessings from God. In this current time, seeing the Chinese become rich, more people prefer burning incense sticks in the temples. There are some events where they burned hundreds of dollars of incense sticks.

On Wednesday, many religious groups in China asked temple visitors during Spring Festival to burn fewer joss sticks, as extreme incense sticks burning have added to worsening air quality.

In a news conference, spokesmen for the Chinese Taoist Association and Chinese Buddhist Association said the tradition of burning an extensive amount of joss sticks is unreasonable and harms air quality.

How To Flame Incense

  1. Light the tip of the stick and breath out the flame.
  2. Place the lit incense in an incense stand and put it on the head of a ceramic plate for catching the ashes.
  3. Another effective method of burning incense is to put the stick in a container to hold the incense stick up straight.
  4. Place the incense in the corner or centre of a room and ignore having it next to you.
  5. The best method to experience incense is to savour the wafting of aromatic smoke from a distance.
  6. And when you see the rise of smoke, you will drive to enjoy the delightful fragrance that spreads everywhere in your space. You will also experience the lingering aromatic of the joss incense stick for long. even after it has ended burning.
What Is Incense? Ingredients and Facts

Why People Burn Odd Incense Sticks

In Feng Shui, figure 3 is the art of the three realms: Earth, Human, Heaven. Hence, people usually burn three incense sticks on the shrine and say special prayers before doing crucial and good things in their life.

And five incense sticks typically mean five directions of earth and heaven, five places of gods. According to feng shui, the five components: earth, wood, metal, fire, and water. Figures 7 and 9 are signified by the number of people’s spirits when people desire to pray for a personal favour.

That’s why at temples, one needs to burn only one incense stick. That exclusive incense stick is called spiritual incense. However, spiritual incense holds many symbolic meanings only with that one incense stick.

Each burned incense is supposed to hide deep in its hopes of the person that their prayers would reach to their ancestors or Gods. The act of burning incense may be a small practice, yet it can calm the individual soul and provides a sense of peace.